Stuck in the Early 60s

Lately, since discovering that my trip to Ypres will have to wait and a trip to Marin County is much more likely this summer, I’ve found myself listening to music from 1959-62.

The music of this era all seems to have a weird, dreamlike quality about it.  I find I’m really starting to love The Platters in particular.  I’m not sure if I was that into them in my previous life but I love the way they used reverb and broad harmonies to build a smooth, smoky sound.  I also love the fact that they tended to cover a lot of old standards.  “My Prayer” for instance actually goes back to the 1930s (the lovely Vera Lynn did a version).

I could almost forget that 1959-62 was about the time my previous life started coming apart.  Almost.

I’m hoping that I can build some new, happier memories in Marin County this time around.  I’ll have my fiance with me and I won’t miss a single opportunity for romance if I can help it.  And if this trip is everything I hope it will be, then I’m thinking we could come back to Marin County every summer.  I can’t change the past, but I can turn a place where I met disappointment and disorder into our own special summer place.

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