My “OMG!” Moment for the Week

I found an extremely good match for a place I remember from my mid-19th century life!

It was about 1830 or so. I was a young man or in my mid to late teens. I had on herringbone trousers and oxford shoes. Across the street, a woman in a bonnet walked by a half-timbered building.

The place I remember was an incredibly good match for this building on the High Street in Rochester, Kent:,0.502486,3a,75y,241.52h,96.51t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sSzg28vVRG3qP_kdeWeVc6g!2e0?hl=en

I don’t know if I was from there, but I was almost certainly in Rochester at some point! This is an exciting and unexpected find stemming from research on a possible Tudor or Regency life. I think this is my OMG moment for the week!

Edit: Second surprise of the evening: Rochester Castle was an important location during the Barons’ Revolt, an event in which I was an instrumental figure in my medieval life!  I don’t know if I was at the Siege of Rochester Castle specifically but it is extremely likely.


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