Academia It Is, Then!

With little else to go on, I decided to ask the I Ching if my upcoming book is the sort of thing my previous life’s fans would like.

The results were interesting and hard to interpret at first.  I got Hexagram 55 changing to Hexagram 45.  After reading through a number of sources, here’s what I gather.

The key is in the lines that change and what they mean.  Lines 1, 3, and 5 change.

The change in line 1 is hard to interpret.  In Hexagram 55 it means the subject and their mate are well-bonded, but in Hexagram 45 it changes to the subject must call upon help to overcome the temporary difficulty in achieving union.  I can only guess that this will mean that my goals will require help.

The change in line 3 doesn’t bring much change.  In Hexagram 55 it means occlusion and a minor injury that is not one’s own fault, and in Hexagram 45 it means there is no harm in going forward but slight embarrassment may follow.  I’m guessing this may mean slight injury, probably to the ego, as part of the process.

The change in line 5 is where it gets interesting.  In Hexagram 55 it means the gathering of men of brilliant ability and a success after perseverance.  In Hexagram 45, it means the union of all in a place of dignity and while not everyone will be in it, being persistent in virtue brings all on board.  I’m guessing I need to get to a place where a number of bright people are willing to look at my work and although not all will be on board, the greater number will respect my work if I am sincere.

The only way I can interpret this is that I will avoid much frustration if I skip going directly to the fans and go instead to academics and be shrewd and upright in my dealings with them.  I think I need to get my book in the hands of anyone on my university faculty who is up for reading the works of student authors regardless of major.  I may still get my ego bruised but it’s a matter of trading broken arms for slight embarrassments, so to speak.  I have a feeling trying to push my work directly to my previous life’s fans without being shrewd about who I show it to would be a bad idea even if I don’t claim I was Phil.

Right then.  Let’s put the oracle to the test.  Stay tuned…


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