The Ball Is Rolling

My new book is being debuted this weekend.  It’s all kind of rushed, but it’s happening.

I have so much riding on this book.  It’s my first serious foray into science fiction in this life, my first attempt to synthesize my previous life’s style with my current one, my first properly “new” novel in five years that wasn’t a backlogged project or a sequel… I don’t think I can really name all of the “firsts” that come with it!

I’m so excited!  My next step is to hit all of the literary, artistic, and social circles in the Northwest I can find and promote my work.  And for once, given the initial reaction I’m getting to the announcements I made, I’m starting to feel like my promise not to use my claim that I was Phil to promote my work is a promise I can keep after all.

Now the big question: do I still have it after all these years?  Does writing talent persist beyond the grave, and will it be enough to succeed on my own merits?  And will they still love me now, as a newcomer with no name recognition?

I’ll sleep well enough without answering these questions, but they won’t be far from my mind.

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