A Major Twist

It seems that, reading through the back posts on that facebook blog I mentioned yesterday, I may have come across a piece of information that changes everything.

For the last 2 1/2 years I’ve assumed that my identity during WWI was one John Harris, and that’s still the theory I have the most evidence for.  However, in a list of soldiers arrived in France around the same time as John, there was another entry:

6660 Pte. Albert, Harris, Posted to 2/K.S.L.I. (Wounded)

Some of you may recall that I found a headstone requisition from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website that listed John’s brother Albert as the next of kin.  Here, we have an Albert Harris that arrived in France with John, but was later wounded.

What I don’t know yet is if this is my Albert, because if it is, it opens up the distinct possibility that I was not John Harris, but Albert Harris, his brother.  This might explain why I recall standing at John’s grave.  If I discover that John’s brother did indeed serve in the KSLI Second Battalion and did indeed get a blighty one and survive the war at home, then this answers so many questions like my lingering suspicion that I lived a peaceful civilian life in England during the interwar years and perhaps even into the 1950s or 60s.  I have not had any confirmed memories of this era, but when I see films made or set in England during this period, or objects in use from those times, it feels so right.

However, if I was Albert, that would pretty much destroy any chance that I was Philip K. Dick and strangely, I’d be fine with that.  I’ve already proven that I can play the same games he could and it would let me off the hook about coming clean.  It would become nothing more than an amusing anecdote about the time I thought I was Philip K. Dick in a previous life and I turned out to be a wounded Tommy who died of old age around the time Phil was writing “Man in the High Castle.”

On the other hand, isn’t it weird that Albert’s service number is 6660?  I can’t help but think there might be some significance there given the weird synchronicities that have come up in this project.  666 in the Bible is, as far as I can tell, a code in Gematria to designate the name “Nero Caesar.”  Just the way I feel about that makes me think perhaps I was right about being Phil after all.

Nothing’s done yet.  Unless I can prove that Albert lived long enough to have visited John’s grave when the tree next to it had grown to a mature size, I still have more reason to believe I was John and everything that followed.


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