I Had This Stamp!

I’m pretty sure I had this stamp, or one like it, during my life as Phil:

For those who are unaware, Philip K. Dick collected stamps for most of his life, though the stamp collection according to various accounts was one of the items lost in the break-in.

I recently had a memory of a stamp that looked like Penny Black, the first Victorian postage stamp, but was green.

I really want to try to confirm this memory, or for that matter if I can remember any more postage stamps I might’ve had.  It didn’t occur to me to look but if I can remember specific stamps I had with some accuracy, I might have a stronger case for having been him and I can finally have something more solid than a lucky guess.

I still have other memories I’ve yet to confirm, like the blue Mercury I remember from the Point Reyes years (it belonged to a friend of mine or Anne’s).  I’m hoping to find someone who might know soon.  Anne is pretty easy to contact but I’m not going to just e-mail her out of the blue, as I’m still not sure contacting Tessa was the right thing to do and I don’t want to bring undue worry into the lives of the people I left behind.  But there has to be someone who knows, maybe?


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