Why Not?

Apparently, shortly after Phil died, Thomas M. Disch created a trust and started the Philip K. Dick Awards, a prize for soft-cover science fiction.

I recently discovered that these awards were open to all science fiction paperbacks published in the US during a given calendar year so I figured I’d just go for it.  I just contacted my publisher and provided they don’t mind sending out a copy for each of the judges, I’ll be entering my latest novel.

Will I win?  Probably not.  My work is kind of outside the SF mainstream.  Even if I’m right about having been Phil I doubt I could win.  I’ll be thrilled to death if I get so much as a nomination for this book.  The only thing I’ve got going for me, according to this page, is that “In recent years so few original novels of note are published as paperback originals that worthy nominations for this award are increasingly difficult to find.”

If I do win… well, maybe I could go public and not look like a hack?  That’s success on my own merits, after all.  But that’s a big “if” and I’m not going to hold my breath.  All I can say for certain about a win is that I’ll probably be at the award ceremony since it’s just up the road in Seattle.

I’ll know by January if I’m nominated.  In the mean time, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.


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