A Mistake?

Ever since these memories- or apparent memories- have broken, I’ve been trying to use them the way one might try to read the lumps under a tarp to try to discern what’s under it.  The apparent patterns, consistencies, numerical repetitions, places and actions that continue in a seemingly unbroken narrative… it all seems to hint at something big.

But supposing I’ve been looking in the wrong place?  Supposing I’ve been groping in the dark when all I need to do is turn on a light?

This isn’t a question about whether or not reincarnation is a thing, but whether revisiting an endless string of illusions is really helping me to see anything when the ability to lift up the proverbial tarp was in my hands all along.

I’m going to be spending some time focusing more on Gnostic texts to see if there isn’t a more efficient way to lift this tarp.  I’ll continue recording memories, thoughts, and impressions but the hard questions a friend recently asked have forced me to admit I can’t discern a real value to these past lives beyond a well of inspiration for my fiction.


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