Class of 2015

It’s been a long struggle with my chaotic mind, but at last I’ve got my BA more or less done.  I just need to do an essay on a book I had to read for my classes and I’m done.

I’m really feeling like I want to focus on getting my apartment situated now.  I want to have a proper living room, with a sofa and coffee table and art prints on the walls.  I want to go through the huge amounts of stuff I don’t want any more and get rid of it.  I want to clean and organize my domestic space.  I don’t know why I’m drawn to that…  I’ve never had a properly furnished living room but I want it now more than ever.

One of my favorite things in my living room is an old parlor organ from 1885.  It still plays just fine.  I want bits and pieces of all the eras that really made me what I am now though; some clean, slick mid-century style furniture, maybe some medieval art prints, a couple of WWI items I own (including a French postcard from 1917), my book shelf, and some of my photography and a large poster of the cover of the first novel I wrote framed on the walls.

After so long of life just happening to me, completing my BA has left me with a growing feeling of agency over my life and I really want to nurture this feeling.


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