A Visit From Family

My parents are in town for my graduation on Sunday.  I haven’t always had the best relationship with my mother but I want to try to get along with her as well as I can… I really hope she can keep her end of things.

I did some cleaning today, clearing out my living room which up to this point has been used as a storage space.  I’m trying to reclaim it for actually living in.  It’s still kind of bare because I don’t have the furniture I need but if there’s one thing that’s plentiful in Portland it’s cute furniture at a good price.

I did more than clear it out though; I did some setting up to try to get some idea of where things are going to go as I furnish the place ad-hoc over the next few weeks.  The space had been used for storage since we moved here four years ago, and it still had the lingering stink of my former roommates’ chaotic energy in the arrangement.  What I was doing today is nothing less than re-claiming my space from chaos itself.

I hung up the first of many photos (a photo I took of Mt. Rainier from the window of an airliner in 2005), set up my book shelf, and (perhaps most importantly of all) I set up my stereo, which has been sitting under a pile of stuff since 2011.

The first song I played on it was “O Welche Lust” from Fidelio.  I think it was a fitting selection.


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