Point Reyes Station

Today my fiance and I drove down from Eureka along highway 101 and then highway 1 to Point Reyes Station.

Our first attraction along the way was Avenue of the Giants, which was well worth the extra time to drive down and see (I’ve wanted to see giant sequoias in California since I was just a kid).

Despite clicking through it on Street View multiple times, I missed the turn-off for Highway 1 initially.  That on its own didn’t mean much but that becomes more relevant later.

We stopped briefly in Mendocino, which is kind of nice but not really my kind of place (too expensive for one thing).

The day’s only major trigger had nothing to do with Phil; it was when I saw the sea cliffs in Sonoma and Marin County.  I feel increasingly confident that the regression where I saw a side-wheeled paddles steamer capsized in the waters off these cliffs was a legitimate memory.

About 11 miles from our B&B, I completely blew my prediction that our destination was only 5 miles away, and as far as specific memories and feelings the place doesn’t really give me any.  After going to several places where I know Phil would have known (including the Point Reyes Lighthouse) I feel doubtful that I was him.

However, there is one detail that leaves me with nagging questions: unlike the turn-off for highway 1, I have had no wrong turns whatsoever in this entire town.  I even knew short cuts back to the B&B.  I knew how to get to the lighthouse (despite not even clicking through that route on Streetview), and I knew how to get to the grocery store (I even knew that the grocery store parking lot had a back entrance).  I made every turn without hesitation as if I knew the place like the back of my hand.

It’s weird because I don’t get the typical “past life feeling” in this place, and yet I seem to know streets I’ve never even clicked through as if I’ve been here.

I’m actually pretty perplexed by this development.  I thought it’d be all feeling and almost no sense of direction but it’s quite the opposite; it’s almost no feeling but the layout of the town is all there.

Tomorrow is the real test.  I’m going to see if I can drive to the Hermit House in San Rafael and the house on Francisco Street in Berkeley without using a map.  I still don’t feel as if I’ve been here before but maybe something will trigger in Berkeley at least.

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