Why Do I Not Have This Book?

I was just reading through Anne R. Dick’s “The Search For Philip K. Dick” on Google books and I’m only a few pages in, but it’s full of so much information about the kind of person Phil was that it’s helping me see just how eerily similar we are in character.

Some discoveries I’ve made so far:

*Phil enjoyed Paul Robeson and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, and enjoyed Fischer-Dieskau’s renditions of Schubert’s songs.  This is also true of me and was so before the idea of past lives ever crossed my mind.  Many other works of music that I already loved before I had past life memories come up as I read through.

*Phil had an encyclopedic knowledge of cars and apparently liked French cars, as he bought a Peugeot.  His knowledge of cars shows in his writing.  In this life, this is also true of me.  I know loads of information about cars and I own a French car myself, a lovely 1956 Citroen.

*He is described as being a good skim reader who could synthesize an understanding on a subject by scanning briefly through a few books on the topic.  He became very knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics this way; however, he had glaring areas of ignorance as well because he didn’t read in depth. This is something I have as well, this is why I’ve become quite good at research and why I seldom get less than an “A” on essays even though I really don’t feel like I’m doing that much work and I often seem paradoxically ignorant about something I can converse intelligently about for at least a little while.

*He smoked cigars.  This is not something I currently do (I don’t smoke tobacco because I’m on HRT) but in my WWI life I remember being very fond of them at a time when cigarettes were more in vogue.

There were numerous other nuances there that hinted at someone who was not the same person, but similar in many ways.  It’s all circumstantial because these are traits many people have, but there are many more similarities that I had suspected but had no firsthand source for up until now.  We’re definitely cast in a similar archetype.

I’m going to have to have a copy of this on my bookshelf.  It will be about as important to understanding Phil’s life and answering questions I might have as “Magnificent But Not War” was for understanding the Second Battle of Ypres.  Anne did a stunning job describing him and while it’s hard to read some of these things, I think she was pretty accurate about the kind of person Phil was.


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