More Information

The KSLI Battlefield Tours facebook has given me important information yet again.

One of my memories was of alternating duties along a supply line that ran to the front, running messages and supplies back and forth.  I remember the dugouts being along these lines.  It seems according to the facebook group’s postings that several companies of the 2 KSLI were indeed involved in supply line, and according to the Long Long Trail, support trenches were indeed where dugouts were located.

Another fact that emerged is that another man was wounded on the same date John was killed.  This is important because any other casualties on that date might tell me more about how he died if I can find their records.

For my reference (and the reference of everyone else who reads this) here’s his data, copied from the facebook post:

6939 Pte. Harry, Plimmer, of Oswestry, Shrops. 2/K.S.L.I.

Wounded about 08-07-15

Info. from Ludlow Adv. 07-08-15 (under date 17th July) & service papers (pension)

For reference, “Ludlow Adv.” here probably refers to the Ludlow Advertiser, a newspaper that covers happenings in much of rural Shropshire and is still around today!  Also, it is interesting that Pte. Plimmer’s service papers are still intact as John’s papers seem to have been destroyed in the Blitz.  If I can get Pte. Plimmer’s records, which I will try to when I have the money to spend on an Ancestry UK account, I’ll see if I can find anything more about the circumstances.  If he was pensioned as this record seems to suggest, it’s a good chance he caught a Blighty one which if he was just inside the trench and John was right outside when a bomb or shell hit, he probably got wounded badly.  Part of the reason I was initially reluctant to think it was a bomb or shell was because of the lack of other casualties from that date but this changes things.

This is the closest I’ve come to confirming the circumstances of John’s death and I’m still a ways off.  Talking to those familiar with the history of the sector my thought that it was a wiring party certainly seems possible but we’ll have to see.


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