A Brief Epilogue To A Strange Period In My Life

A few days ago, someone got back to me and said that they actually had a creamer made by Kathy Demuelle that was kind of similar to the description of the stoneware coffee mug I thought I remembered.

But once again, I am left somewhat frustrated; unless this creamer was part of a set, it probably has little to do with my memory which I was quite sure was of a coffee mug (I even mention coffee rings on a page of the Exegesis, which I’ve yet to find).

Once again, it’s an ambiguous result that is close enough to what I thought I’d remembered to make me scratch my head, but not enough to convince me that I was him.  And I suppose for some time to come I’ll be discovering things that seem almost like confirmations, but not quite.  I don’t anticipate ever finding something on the level of what I’ve got with John.


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