Tonight’s Dinner

Now and then, I like to have a nice meal with my fiance.

Tonight was a special one.  Steak and ale pie, lentil soup, and blood orange shandy.

Having backed off the vegetarian diet for the time being I’m trying to vary my diet as much as possible and I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from historic and Old World diets.  Since shandy and steak and ale pie aren’t the healthiest things, the lentil soup was a nice compromise to round it out with something wholesome.

Very satisfied with how this worked out.  OK, I kind of cheated by getting the pies and the soup pre-made, but they were the good gourmet stuff from Trader Joe’s.  For the shandy I decided to go with Czechvar (also known as Budvar or “the real Budweiser” but for copyright reasons they call it Czechvar here) and blood orange soda because fizzy lemonade wasn’t as easy to find as I’d hoped.

Also, I finished ad-hoc edits on one of the books I’m writing my past life experiences into.  It was an older manuscript I had that described my time in London, but I added past life material and I have to say, a lot of the stuff I did in London just makes more sense now.

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