Going Public?

I may go public about my memories before long.  One of my upcoming books will be based on my memories from WWI and I may decide to openly state that it’s based on actual events.

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought for a long time.  I stalled on it because of my suspicions that I had been Philip K. Dick.  Now that I no longer stand by that claim, I no longer feel like my abilities as a writer are overshadowed by past life claims.  As far as I am aware, writing novels was something I learned in my current life.  I can own my talent as something built through practice and effort, and not through an eyebrow-raising claim of a famous past life.

However, I still value how this might be perceived and I intend to handle the matter with integrity.  Even though I am in too much debt to turn down proceeds from my book, I have no intention of becoming rich from it; I feel that there is a distinct ethical difference between taking care of myself the best way I know how and using my claims to get rich.

In the highly unlikely event that this book is extremely successful, I will give any share of any proceeds I don’t need to maintain my current working-class standard of living to charities that work for world peace, give help and solace to those whose lives have been disrupted by war, and help low-income transfolk.

I do not intend to set a date or announce the title of my book on this particular blog unless someone is stupid enough to try to rip me off by claiming to be me; the purpose of this blog is not and never has been to hype my books.

I am still unsure about this.  It’s a huge risk and a huge commitment.  I’ve gotten some positive feedback from friends but it’s been mixed.

It will be a while before the book I’m planning to do this with is actually ready, so I’ve got time to think about it.


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