The experiences I have had both within today’s service and afterward with some church members was beyond words.

Not only did today’s mass light up something in both myself and my fiance (who was greatly moved today) but afterward, I was invited to take part in an exercise of high ritual magic at one of the priest’s homes.  While this particular church does not have any official practice to that end, there’s nothing in the church’s beliefs that says we can’t.

I have achieved a high today that I thought impossible without mind-altering substances.  In some respects, it’s better.  I am stimulated in body and mind in a way that I have never been stimulated before.  I am sober as the day I was born but I am drunk on the Logos!  Thomas 28 makes so much more sense to me now.

I understand so many things from the Bible and from the broader tradition of esoteric practice that were just words to me before.  These feelings from the more spiritual, prophetic, and non-dogmatic parts of the Word have begun to reveal themselves to me in ways that I can scarcely begin to describe.  I have come to an endless spring that bubbles over, and I have drank my fill and there is still more, overflowing and boundless!

I was unsure about my future as a Gnostic Christian but if it’s still this good in a year then I am devoting my life to this path fully.


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