Off To Seattle Again

I’ll be off to Seattle to sign books again like I did about this time last year, spending time with many of the talented friends I’ve made over the years.

Very excited to go on this trip again!  Last year I left feeling like I was an integral part of a really unique community of brilliant people and I need to feel that again.

I just hope there’s no awkwardness with my friend who reminds me of Richard… I don’t want to make him into someone he’s not.  Luckily he was surprisingly cool with it when I told him about the feelings he brought out in me and I think just spending a little time with him might help cement him as the person he is and not the person he reminds me of.

Fortunately I think we’re going to be too busy for any centuries-old baggage to carry any weight.  I’ll travel light and expect nothing but a good time.


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