Couer de Lion No More

Spending some time with the guy who reminded me of Richard over these last couple of evenings, I have some thoughts.

First, I can’t be sure he wasn’t Richard because he has a certain charisma, energy, lust for life, and idealism that are all traits Richard had. He brings these traits out in others the way Richard did too (last night I partied harder than I had in several years and by the end of the night, I was actually dancing which is rare for me). From my view he very well could have been the old Troubadour.

Now here’s the thing: If he was Richard, I don’t really care because I like him better as he is now, not saddled with the responsibility of being born to rule a kingdom. He’s happier to sing and dance and make his living as a performer on the weekends and a music teacher during the week. He’s not having to beat the living shit out of people just to keep their respect. He’s able to live openly with his boyfriend instead of keeping his sexuality a matter for the historians to debate.

If this is my brother from so long ago, he’s free and he’s happy and I love him as he is. He doesn’t have to be Couer de Lion any more.

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