Another Hospital Trip

Well friends, I took another ER trip and once again, they could find nothing wrong.

Here’s how it played out:

3:00 PM- I’m late for a doctor’s appointment for my second surgery letter, running (as well as I can in a pair of wedges) from the Beaverton Transit Center to a clinic on First Avenue, a distance of roughly 3/4 of a mile. I arrive exhausted, winded, sweaty, with slight chest pains.

3:30 PM- Chest pains gone, replaced with arm pains. Appointment goes well.

4:00 PM- Appointment finishes. Told I should be getting my second letter in about a week. I get up and notice I’m a bit woozy.

4:03 PM- Crossing Watson I notice a pressure in my neck and shoulder that starts getting more pronounced along with a sensation of pressure in my head. Brief gray-out, feeling like I have a blockage to my brain. I sit down on a bench and call 911 because this is the first time this sensation has been so bad it almost made me pass out.

4:30 PM- Admitted to ER at Kaiser Westside in Hillsboro.

7:15 PM- After tests on blood sugar, blood gas, an EKG, a neck ultrasound, and a chest x-ray all they managed to find was a slightly elevated pulse/ blood pressure and a lymph node in the left side of my neck that was described as “prominent” and “reactive.” Rule out heart attack, stroke, diabetes, thrombus, and a shit ton of other things.

8:15 PM- Dinner, then a long ride home.

This is getting ridiculous. I keep having very real symptoms that keep getting worse, and they never find anything!

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