It Was In The Stars

I discovered something interesting about the rough time period that my memories of the war came back.

It was on or about 8 September, 2012.  On 6 September 2012, looking at the astrological events, I come up with an entry for Pluto sextile Chiron.  Apparently, according to astrologers, this can have effects up to and slightly after the event by several days.

Pluto sextile Chiron, it is said, reveals what is hidden, what has been bullying or burdening you.  It invokes the archetype of the wounded healer in Chiron, an archetype I have been told I resonate strongly with.  It is, in short, the absolute perfect astrological alignment for a painful past life to suddenly well up to the surface.

So after three years I finally know: it was in the stars after all.  I don’t know if I believe that this was a decisive factor but it would seem that the heavens were aligned in a way consistent with what happened whether I believe it or not.

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