Not Another One

Okay, I’ll put this out here first of all: China is in clear violation of international law with their activities in the South China Sea as far as I can tell.

But can two wrongs really make a right?  Can continually goading them into a likely war in the South China Sea really make life better for anyone, with the exception of a handful of war profiteers who themselves may not survive if a nuclear war were to break out?

I think not.  It didn’t fix anything in 1914 and it didn’t fix anything in 1939.  All we got is the deaths of millions of people and a world still in shock from the physical and psychic scars left on the entirety of the human race (with of course, the exception of a handful of psychopaths who went laughing all the way to the bank; after all, war is a profitable enterprise for the elite few).

I don’t know what good it will do, but if there is serious debate about whether or not to declare war on China, I intend to come forward with my identity and make a public appeal to stop before we do something we’ll really regret.  I guess I’ll probably be a Cassandra and it’s probably a gesture of futility to think I could have any impact by making myself visible, but at this point I don’t think I care; if war breaks out between the US and China I’m most likely going to get killed anyway, either through a nuclear attack, an attack on the city of Portland, or from the natural privations and barbarity of total war.  I literally have nothing to lose by coming forward.

It’s a long shot to end all long shots and I know it because chances are nobody gives a shit, and even if I focus on my experience in WWI I’ll probably be ridiculed mercilessly for my other claims, but it’s all I have.  I don’t harbor any illusions that coming forward will do a damned thing to fix the world or that I’ll somehow be successful in my bid to become a leader in an anti-war movement.  I know it’s stupid to even try.  Powerlessness in the face of annihilation makes us do stupid things, I guess.


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