I apologize for my last post simply because it’s not in line with the person I want to be or the person I want others to see.

I have an extreme distaste for people who use a tragedy for political gain.  I was also freaked out because the slogan “stand with France” gave me such a chill, considering the last time I heard something to that effect…

As if to make things worse, someone else who knew nothing of my experiences called the Paris attacks a “Gavrilo Princip moment.”  And today at church the mood was generally one that was deeply, painfully aware of the shift in energy that I sensed as this was unfolding.  It seems talk of another world war- this one quite possibly ISIS and their allies in an explosive final act to the escalating drama in the Middle East- is on many lips these days and I keep fearing that I’ll be swept up in it, or at the very least affected by it.

But I’d be remiss not to also point out the present-life context of my frustration and fear.  Remember that I was a child of the Cold War and came of age in the Bush administration shortly after 9/11.  I have seen some really awful things pulled by the government and media in the name of “security” and the moment I see anyone trying to make a political point by trotting out the latest terror attack, I bristle.  I bristle quickly and I don’t calm down until the slogans, speeches, and media circus die down because I know what can happen.

There’s a lot going on here.  Bear with me.  I haven’t forgotten my promise to myself to be patient and to not give in to anger.


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