I made another attempt to find some information on Jack’s brother, Albert.

I don’t know if this record is him or not, since his birth year is given as 1879 (not 1880 as I had thought) but I found a record of an Albert James Harris who died in Yeovil at the ripe old age of 93 in 1975.  He was a husband and father and died peacefully, according to his headstone.

I feel strange. I knew he wouldn’t be alive after all these years but this sort of clenches it.  If this is my Albert, he lived another sixty years without me.  How much water can flow under the bridge in sixty years? Did he think he’d see me at the Pearly Gates?  Did I fail him somehow by getting myself killed while he still had sixty years to go?

I wish I could have told him that I wasn’t completely gone… I know that chance was gone a lifetime ago but I wish I could have said something.  Who knows where or if he’s come back?


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