Regarding My Last Post

I’ve had a little while to think about what I posted in anger and you know what?

In this case, I think I’ll let it stand.  I have not seen a candidate for public office in America, in any of my lives, who was more reckless and less qualified than Donald Trump.  A comparison to Hitler is giving him far too much credit; a better comparison would be to Isaac from Children of the Corn: shrill, blustering, self-important, profoundly immature, and using a violent mob to crush dissent.

If we cannot direct our indignation at those whose only modus operandi is hate and distraction, if we cannot speak up when we have the chance, if we cannot make it clear and unambiguous that certain matters of policy are simply beyond the pale in a free and diverse society, then the freedom to defend the expression of others has no value.

I stand by my remarks in full.  Donald Trump is a menace and a symptom of a very sick society.

That being said, I do not wish to dwell on this negativity or my resentment, however well-placed it might be.  I’ll be back to posting the usual content shortly.

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