2015 In Review

What a year it’s been!

*Confirmed a number of memories from several lives, including a MAJOR confirmation that I had been in India before WWI and a couple memories about Phil’s life.

*Managed to get my first experience in past life travel.  I never got the exact answers I was looking for, but I discovered that I know Marin County surprisingly well for someone who’s never been there and I still love the place!  I think I have a new romantic getaway spot if nothing else.

*I managed to pull off what I set out to do, to write a book with a synthesis of styles and themes from my present life and from my suspected past life.  It has sold almost as well as the first novel I published and might actually edge it out.

*Had a moment of major doubt about my life as Phil, but ultimately realized that there’s a lot going on there that I find it hard to ignore even if I remain unsure.   At any rate, see my above two points for why I’m not abandoning this claim just yet.

*I graduated from university for the very first time in any lifetime I can remember, after many years of being too restless for my own good and almost burning that bridge forever a few times.  Too bad I haven’t done anything with my degree yet.  Going to try for grad school because the job prospects are better.  If nothing else, when I’m gone no one can say I was a dropout.

*Found a church I actually feel at home with theologically.  I have come to fully embrace Gnostic Christianity and I have ambitions to enter the clergy.  What’s more, my church practices a form of the old Cathar ritual of Consolamentum; I fully intend to take this rite since I figure it’s probably as good a route as any out of the cycle of reincarnation.  And if it doesn’t work, maybe I’ll learn from my mistakes and from the books I left behind.

*I finally came to terms with a loss I experienced more than 800 years ago.  Although I don’t know for sure and probably never will, I suspect that the soul who was formerly my brother, Richard Couer de Lion, is still in my life.  If he’s the person I suspect, then I’m satisfied that he’s happier and better off.

It’s been interesting days this year…



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