Second Variety

I just finished reading the story “Second Variety” by Philip K. Dick and I’m struck by the imagery.

In particular, I’m struck by the fact that it takes place in a war-torn France that, aside from the copious amounts of nuclear fallout, reminds me more of the Western Front in some respects.  In particular the intense bleakness and the long hours of boredom and tension when dug into a position that remains stable for years while waiting for some new development are surprisingly on the mark.

The mutant rats and flies were an interesting detail as well.  I’ve made note that the rats and flies at Ypres were so well fed that they took on a freakish aspect.

It’s not really evidence of anything since this could have easily been influenced by his father’s war stories, but it’s interesting that Phil’s WW3 looks at least superficially like WW1.



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