Odd Dream

I went to bed early, since my cat had woke me up after only two hours of sleep this morning.  While I was sleeping restlessly, I had a dream that I was in what almost looked like a 17th century tenement or perhaps even a jail.  I don’t actually know what it was.

The building itself was brick or stone, and there were walkways that sort of ran from the doorway at angles between little bays that were set up as bedrooms.  These bays were open to the walkway; it was like a house with all the structure of internal rooms, but no internal walls.  If it was a jail, there weren’t any cells internally.  I could try to do a 3D model of the interior I saw I suppose…

There were men walking in the door in long coats, who were asking for me, or perhaps had come to get me for something (a trial?  an execution? to be set free?  I don’t remember but I felt like I expected them).   They spoke English and I had the distinct feeling that I was in England some time between 1650 and 1720.  I can’t remember what name they asked for though.  I think it was James but I can’t remember the last name.

I’m haunted by this dream because it was very vivid, like a genuine memory of the past, but it wasn’t very clear who I was or what sort of situation I was in.


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