Things To Come

Two nights in a row, I have had dreams about a life lived half in Oregon and half in California that my foray into the film industry- whether as a screenwriter or as a historical consultant- could eventually lead to.

My plan, if this becomes lucrative, is to telecommute.  I’d have a tiny house on an acre of land near Portland, and a condo in the L.A. area.  I’d get a conversion van or something similar so I can drive down there and carry all the necessary stuff without too much driver fatigue.

In a dream night before last, I owned a condo in SoCal.  It wasn’t the nicest place; we were living out of boxes piled in the spare room and I was fretting about the soft story, which is vulnerable during an earthquake, but it was mine.  Paid for.  No more panicking about getting the next payment together.

Then in a dream I had during a nap today, I saw the tiny house in Oregon I would live in.  It wasn’t big; in fact it was more than likely an old fifth-wheel or a converted bus by how narrow and compact it was.  But it was 100% mine, paid for, and so was the land it was sitting on.  I was through renting, and if I wanted a nice house in the future I had a place to build it.

In this dream, I was looking for my cat and finally found him, curled up happily on our bed.  I laid down on the bed and snuggled close, petting him.  I woke up with my cat more or less where he was in the dream.  If these dreams are things to come, then they might come sooner rather than later because he’s getting very old (18 years) and he’s starting to slow down quite a lot.  I don’t expect him to live much more than another year sadly.

And what’s more, I have a very tenuous reason to think it might be true.  Besides the screenplay, which I don’t see paying off any time too soon, I’m also currently getting my name in to potentially become a historical consultant on an indie film set in medieval Germany (still waiting to get in contact with the inevitable friend-of-a-friend connection).  I have to say that although there is every chance they’ve already found someone else or that the film won’t get made, I’m excited because this is the best lead I’ve had since that video editing job in Vegas a few years ago.  By trying to get into film through two different routes, I’m more likely to find a way in.  I don’t expect to be able to live a glamorous life but I hope to at least get out of debt and become self-sufficient.

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