A Thought On “Bathroom Bills”


In the 70s and 80s, the CIA distributed leaflets in South and Central America advising people on how to carry out acts of resistance to regimes the US wanted to overthrow. Studying these manuals, one step shows up often: calling in false alarms and bogus information about crimes.

Now, phoning in false information about crimes in progress is itself a crime, and I am not going to encourage my readers to commit a crime or engage in a psy-op against state and local governments because… well, then I’d be a criminal too.

I will however say this: if you make a statement saying that you saw someone who “looked like they didn’t belong” in a restroom or locker room, that’s a statement of subjective perception and cannot be categorically proved false.

Now suppose all of us- both those of us in the trans community and our allies- were to be… shall we say… extremely vigilant about our perceptions and make calls often enough that the states that pass bathroom bills had no choice but to ignore reports?

Hmm… wouldn’t that be something?


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