Down To The Nitty-Gritty

My screenplay is now down to a very late phase of nitpicking. I’m still finding small issues, but the issues get smaller with every edit.

My opening is nearly perfected. My dialogue needs only minor tweaks in a few scenes. The typos and formatting errors are miniscule.

I could potentially have a finished draft by tomorrow. I still have two weeks until my deadline so there will probably be one more proofread, but I’m impressed with what I’ve got. I find that I’m starting to do things intuitively that fall neatly along the lines of professional advice without feeling forced. My first ten pages are now textbook quality and I was really going more by gut than by guidebooks.

It looks pretty professional to me already, and I’m sure once it hits the screenwriting contest circuit, it’ll be better than textbook.

Incidentally, if I win a fellowship, there is a very good chance I will travel with some of that money.  A chance to finally say my goodbyes and bring Jack’s story full circle would do me a lot of good, and would probably help me write more and better scripts once I had that closure.

I still feel the weight of my experience every day of my life.  I feel like it never ended for me, it was always just beyond memory lurking below the surface across two lifetimes.  I want a chance to shed my tears and face the places where it all went wrong.  I want to heal.

I know it won’t fix everything, but I need this.



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