Ways Forward

One of the professors who supported my bid for grad school says it’s actially a good sign that they specified language credits in my rejection letter rather than a standard copy/paste format. He will absolutely write me another letter if need be.

To that end, I have 3 options on the language:
1. Ask around in the Catholic community for anyone willing to teach a down and out historian enough Latin to test out of that. It would actually be rather fitting and experiential if you know your history.

2. Brush up my Spanish big time and hope I can test out of that. I learned very advanced Spanish in high school but I seldom use more than first-year stuff without the conversation going Spanglish since most of our neighbors speak at least some English.

3. Refresh my first-year French online and scrape together enough to get my second-year French done at PCC, as my undergrad student aid is maxed out.

Also, things are moving forward, albeit at a glacial pace, with my surgery and with a much-needed sleep study to determine if I have a sleep disorder contributing to my mood disorders. I’ve suspected one for years.

My first screenplay is in its final stage of revisions barring a last minute proofread. Picking nits this time, hoping to make it amazing.

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