Screenplay Submitted

I waited a day to submit my screenplay, which was good.  It needed just a little bit more last-minute work.

Final run-through with some much-needed final polish?  Check.

Registration with WGAw?  Check.

Submission to Academy Nicholl Fellowship competition? Check.

Now I have to wait until August to find out if my $80 was well-spent or a shot in the dark that went nowhere.  If the money comes up I may submit my work to other competitions as well.

Going to spend the next week or so decompressing from this project.  In only 7 1/2 weeks, I took a blank page and turned it into a finished screenplay that I felt confident enough to submit to competitions.  If I can repeat this, I’m bound to hit gold soon.

But I’m tired for now.  I need a lull between projects or I’ll burn out.  I’m not going to write myself to death.  Not this lifetime…


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