Yeah, Still There

Even though I’ve stopped marking anniversaries, even though I hardly ever post here, it’s still there.

I realized that as hard as I’d been trying to screen out any and all thoughts of the war, it still affects me on a subconscious level.  I still have a hard time seeing myself living very long beyond middle age.  I still get an intense, uneasy feelings when I see the moon through poplar trees or the wind blows just right, or I hear an explosion without warning.  I still wake up screaming some nights, thinking I’m being watched while I sleep.  I still get intense panic attacks without warning.  I still see nothing but death, destruction, and apocalyptic battles when I consider the future.  And while maybe some of this comes from stuff that happened in my current life, 31 1/2 years in my current shell can’t tell the whole story.

I also get incredibly agitated this time of year.  It’s just a little over 101 years since the Second Battle of Ypres and it’s still there, no matter how hard I try not to think about it.

I just want some peace.  I want to live with some joy and hope, not constantly in the grip of several lifetimes’ worth of fear.




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