Got The Job

I got the job.  After almost five years of destitute unemployment.

I still feel uneasy.  I won’t have much in the way of job security and the crazy hours I’ll be working won’t help.

Even so, after the interview I picked up my fiance and made pilgrimage to the Grotto, by way of thanks.  A gentle rain began to fall as we walked the stations of the cross.  We went into the chapel and I meditated in a silent prayer of thanksgiving.

Something curious happened.  We hadn’t been paying much attention to the time, but I noticed after we left the chapel that the rain seemed to fall slower.  Comparing our phones and watches with the time we thought we’d seen on the dash clock in the van, it appeared less time had passed than we thought there should have.

Then as we left the grounds, we encountered a closed gate.  We doubled back to another gate just ten yards or so behind us- one we had passed through seconds earlier- and that gate was shut too, though we had not heard it close nor seen anyone there to close it.  We had to hop a fence to get out.

There definitely seems to be something very strange happening.  It’s a light touch, one I’m often unsure if I even see, but the subtle changes do add up and my devotion to the path seems to make that clear day by day.

So this is how the power that spoke to me in my last life makes itself known… Not in thunders of theophany, but in whispers I can scarcely hear, the still, small voice that beckoned Elijah after the wind, the fire, and the earthquake.

I was wrong to wait for another pink beam from the sky.


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