Verdict, Day 1

I don’t like this job, and I’m in physical and emotional pain after my first day.

I’m still going to try to keep my best foot forward and make the most of a new beginning. Part of that includes assessing my own attitudes toward employment and reminding myself that I do have a lot of say in how well or poorly this goes.

Anyway, I’ve suffered enough in recent years that I have some frame of reference for awfulness. As the experiences of the last half decade go, this job is not the worst. It’s not quite as bad as, say, sitting in the ER with a blocked bladder, scared and in enough pain to cause vomiting. The job seems easy enough to keep; mostly it’s just a matter of not being extremely inept or deliberately bad. In fact they seem pretty lenient on most things.

Still, I have to say this isn’t what I want to be doing by the end of the summer. That’s an absolute given.


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