On The Brexit

Work has been occupying most of my time.

On Brexit, I have three things to say:

1. The EU, as an organization that favors elite interests, is deeply problematic but this was gone about the wrong way and for the wrong reasons.  My concern now is that unrealistic expectations will meet harsh reality, and the immigrants and their families who are naturalized British citizens and their sons and daughters will become the victims of pogroms if the British economy fails to recover as expected.  After all, nativist movements never stop at closing borders.

2. I sincerely hope the worst predictions about the outcome of this decision aren’t true, because if they are and the Vote Leave campaign knew the risks but lied about them, they really ought to be brought up on charges of fraud or even treason.

3. I feel a deep sense of hurt and concern for how the British people will fare after this decision.  The pro-Brexit crowd’s bleating of the “new beginning” sound byte is not the least bit reassuring.

This does not affect my plans to travel back to the land where I spent numerous past lives and an unforgettable year and a half when I never once felt I was anything less than at home.  I do worry what I will find.


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