Today I went by the Goodwill and searched through the vinyl.

I bought three items. First was a copy of Joan Baez Vol. 2, mainly as a common record that I kind of like but wouldn’t be too upset if it got ruined while testing my new turntable.  This copy was once owned by one Lt. W.D. McCabe Jr. (US Navy) around 1963 and if he is still alive and wants it, I will give it back.  Otherwise, your record is in good hands, Lt. McCabe.  Happily the turn table works fine and I can enjoy this album for years to come.

The second I bought was Faure’s Requiem and Pavane, on the Seraphim label.  I love Faure in this life, possibly for the first time.

The third was the real treasure.  It was a box set of Solti conducting the Rome Opera House Orchestra and Chorus in a performance of Verdi’s Aida.  It’s on the RCA Victor Red Seal label.

Interestingly enough, the cashier who rang me up was also named Aida!


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