A Loss, A Gain, And I’m A Wreck

Life has become an emotional roller coaster of late.

I’d already had a really bad week, and then I found out today that one of the senior members of our church, a much-beloved older lady, passed away on Monday.

I had last seen her a day before she died, and I can’t say I’m surprised.  She had been in ill health for a long time and had suffered a silent heart attack not too long ago. By last Sunday, she was breathing slowly, seemed wan and pale, and complained that she hadn’t had much of an appetite.  I knew from seeing her that she was gravely ill.  She even described herself as such.  But she did come to mass, despite blacking out several times during the service.

Still, it hit hard. She was fast becoming like a grandmother to me.  I wear her old cassock when I serve at the altar.  I shared a lot of things with her, including past lives.  She even helped me buy some new shoes when I was still broke and between jobs.  She only missed mass once in the time I’ve been at this church, and that was more than a month ago; she managed to make it to one more at the very end.

I sincerely hope she is not cursed to return to this world.  Reunion with the Light is the only thing I could hope for such a soul as hers.

Then I got an e-mail this evening from Encyclopedia Britannica.  They’ve seen the quality of my scholarly work on Longespee and they want me to contribute.  What strange, awkward, and emotionally draining timing they chose for this.

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