Good News, But Maybe Not For Long

To my regular readers, please pardon my absence.  Lately, present-life issues- among them my spiking gender dysphoria- have been taking center stage.

I just got word that my pre-GRS electrolysis has been approved by my health plan, after almost a year of waiting.

The electrolysis is absolutely necessary, to prevent hair growing in places it oughtn’t once the surgery is complete (which can lead to infection among other things). However, OHP has treated it like an optional procedure in the past, then they decided that they’d only approve it if a doctor performed it (this isn’t performed by doctors, ever). Then they decided they’d only cover half-hour sessions when one hour sessions were necessary.

But now it’s down to a game of phone tag. I’ll keep trying to get in touch with the specialist who will be doing the procedure and soon, I’ll have an appointment set.

Once I begin electrolysis, we’re looking at 9-12 months before I can get my surgery. I’m extremely concerned that a Trump presidency (and the resultant dismantling of Obamacare) will pull the rug out from under me again in what has been a nightmarishly complicated process. I currently make about $1100 a month and at the end of the pay period I hardly have enough to put in savings, so paying for the surgery out of pocket is laughably out of reach. Trump’s “health savings accounts” require you to have money coming in to begin with, which I suppose is fine if you earn more than $30K a year, but will generally be useless to those of us who don’t have a lot to put in savings.

I’m also concerned that once my company health insurance kicks in I might lose OHP and end up with a plan (like the one I had with Portland State) that requires me to pay a $5000-8000 copay for the surgery.

In other words, I’m not out of the woods yet. I’m pretty much at the mercy of my employer, the state of Oregon, and whoever wins the election. I feel frustrated and helpless despite moving forward ever so slightly.


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