First HEMA Experience

Yesterday evening, my fiance and I finally got a chance to try HEMA (historic European martial arts).

First, an admission:  if I ever had any skill with a blade, I lost it many lifetimes ago.  I was reassuringly average at it for a first timer.

That being said, I found it challenging, exciting, and something I want to pursue, to the competitive level if possible.

I found that it gave me something I didn’t realize I needed: a disciplined outlet for my aggression and inner turmoil.  Turning a dark thought into a series of calculated actions and learning to act with calm nerves in the face of danger (the swords are blunted but they are full steel and can still hurt you) seemed to awaken something better in me that I hadn’t anticipated.

Also, it will help me condition my body.  Out of all the things I’ve been conditioning, my body hasn’t been the priority it should be.  This could finally help me turn more fat into muscle and get the stamina and strength I need.

I’m sold.  This won’t be easy but it can only be a good thing.

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