25 Innings

Today my fiance and I got to talking about baseball games that went extra long, while trying to guess what the final outcome of the Cubs vs. Dodgers game would be (at this point, it’s 5-0 in favor of the Cubs).

I told him about a AA team in Myrtle Beach that went 18 innings once, so he pulled up a list of the longest MLB games and he began reading them aloud.

Then he got to one on 11 September 1974, Cardinals vs. Mets, that went 25 innings.

Instantly it clicked for me.

“Was the score 4 to 3?” I asked.

It was.

I remember that game. 

Keep in mind, in this life I don’t follow sports very closely (most of what I know is second-hand from my fiance) and I don’t know much at all about sports history.  But as soon as he read out the date and the teams and the number of innings, I instantly knew what the score was.

I think I creeped him out a little.


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