Friend On The Go

A friend of mine is traveling to England tonight.

She’s been there before I think, but she’s still feeling strange about it.  Besides being apprehensive about flying, she’s also Native American, with literally no ancestral ties to this land at all.  I suppose that doesn’t sound like much but for her, very much in touch with her own Navajo culture, it’s about as far from home as she could be.

She will be stopping in Salisbury, by the way.  She had asked where the spiritual heart of England was and after some thought, I came to the conclusion that the Salisbury Plain was probably the best place.  She had tried to get permission to play the Salisbury Cathedral pipe organ but that fell through; she’ll still be going to the cathedral and will hopefully get me a couple of photos of the place I’ve been curious about seeing.  She knows about my life as Count William and she’s kind of amused that I’ve got a past life connection to the place.

She’ll also be going to Old Sarum, where eight centuries ago, I had my keep.  Now, only a few Norman stones and a great deal of Iron-Age earthworks remain.  She had wanted to visit some other sites on the Salisbury Plain but it would be too difficult without a car, she said.

She’ll still be playing some classic organs in London and Bristol, I think.  I’ve put in a request to hear something by Vaughan Williams and she said that was totally doable.



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