The word “Chundaree” or some variation of it has been lurking at the back of my mind for some time.  I always figured it was probably just the linguistic part of my mind firing overtime to produce a pastiche of a Hindi word that meant nothing.  I never thought to investigate it.

Today I did a bit of research and found some reference to it in British army lit from the mid-19th century.  Regular readers may recall that I was probably a soldier in the life before my WWI life, and that I had initially suspected that my brief flashes of India were related to that earlier life.

This feeds my ongoing suspicion that I was in India in two successive lives.  Furthermore, now that I have a reference for Chundaree as a place where military action took place, I can begin narrowing down the likely regiments I served with which will bring me closer to tracking my identity in my mid-19th century life.


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