Election Eve

I’m listening to songs from the war, ruminating and trying my best not to panic.

A friend of mine who also had a past life during WWI (an American civilian who may have lost her husband in the war) says she feels something similar to what I’m feeling, the same turbulent energy we felt way back during the 1910s.

Still others feel the same.  Many of those I know who recall past lives, or who have any sort of intuition for matters of the spirit knows it: the heavens are heaving.

The outcome won’t be the same, and the actors won’t be the same, but the simple fact that at this moment, the balance of energies is in some sort of chaotic flux, weighs hard on those of us who feel it.

I have a terrible sense that what we’re about to see may be a contested election that spills over into something like the 12th century Anarchy.  I have an inkling that I lived during those times and that this may be a mirror to that, the same way Jack’s life was a mirror to Count William’s.  I believe that, much as in this life, I was involved in the church back during the days when Matilda and Stephen fought for the crown.

Phil’s life was twinned with Thomas, a 1st century Christian; Jack was paired with William, a 13th century baron.  But who was I paired with?  I have a feeling I’ll soon find out.  In a weird way I think I already know but I won’t say yet.  Not until I remember something.


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