Heart Like A Wheel

Last night, the buzz of helicopters still in my head, I settled into a night of confused, restless dreams.

Only one detail emerged out of everything: the song “Heart Like A Wheel” as sung by Linda Ronstadt.

It was surreal because music is usually distorted in my dreams; melodies and lyrics go awry and the song becomes something only recognizable through dream logic.

This was different.  I heard the song as clear as day.  I heard the lyrics exactly as they really are.  The melody, the soft piano and cello, Linda’s voice… it was all there.

I already knew that Phil had a copy of that album and would have been familiar with that song, but I hadn’t realized how much of any impression the song had made on me here and now until this point.

Part of me wants to extrapolate some meaning behind this song emerging as the one lucid detail in my dreams last night but I’m at a loss. The regurgitation of random details by a restless mind finally granted a good night’s sleep is the only likely explanation I can think of.

Still, I woke with a strange sense of peaceful melancholy and that familiar sense of being haunted. Funny how objectively meaningless things can stick with you like that.


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