If Worst Comes To Worst

I’ve decided that, if I am forced to detransition for my own safety, then I refuse to adopt the male dress and mannerisms of a 21st century man, especially a 21st century American.

I’ll take on the refined but entirely bogus persona of a Victorian/Edwardian gentleman.  I’ll turn my life into an extended steampunk LARP.  I’ll keep my post-transition last name, which is French as fuck.  I’ll drive the deplorables BATSHIT with my completely un-MAGA ways and they won’t be able to touch me because technically, I’ll have done what they told me to and acted like a man.

And in case they do touch me, I’ll have a filigreed 1911 and a walking cane with a good stout handle ready.  Back in Edwardian times, that was how a gentleman dealt with these sorts of ruffians.


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