Meet You All The Way, Hespera

So just a few minutes ago, I was vividly imagining the song “Rosanna” by Toto, except I didn’t get the name right.  For some reason the name that came through instead was “Hespera.”

Listening to the song, I hear “Rosanna” but my mind immediately thinks “Hespera” now.  It’s stuck.  The impression, whatever its source, is fixed.  It’s as if a veil of meaning has been lifted.

I looked up Hespera.  In Greco-Roman myth, she was one of the Hesperides and the goddess of the dusk (compare to Christ= “The Bright Morning Star” in Rev. 22:16).  A feminine “Yin” (dark nature) to compliment Christ’s “Yang” (light nature).  These seeming shades of the divine feminine always excite my Gnostic tendencies but I’m really reluctant to think this is anything more than the product of a wandering mind.

This is probably the strangest string of thoughts to cross my mind in a while.  Don’t know what to make of it.

Interestingly, Toto’s song “Rosanna” (I literally had to stop myself from typing “Hespera” just now) came out the year Phil died though I have no idea if it came out before or after.  It’s certainly one I knew well in my childhood (I think the first time I ever heard it was on my cousin’s little portable radio around 1988 or 1989) but I never counted it among my favorites.


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