First Dissonance

The first dissonance in considering that the memories I saw were the memories of another spirit and not my own come from how much ownership I have of the emotions of these other people.

I have to admit, it’s far stronger with Jack than with Phil.  I feel a much stronger resonance with the old Tommy inasmuch as I can see myself perfectly in his shoes.  The things I saw felt more real and solid and more personal than anything I saw with Phil.

But if these were all memories of a prior spirit that had fused its being with mine, wouldn’t I feel that way anyhow?  But if so, at what point did the spirit come to me?  What about those little things I did while I was in England, those strange feelings that nagged at me all the while?  If I assume that the spirit simply came to me in 2012 then I will have to ignore all the things that happened in 2003-2005.

That leaves me with two possibilities:

*Jack, at least, was a past life of mine regardless of whether or not Phil was, or

*The spirit has been with me a very long time, perhaps all my life, and only recently made itself known.

Similarly Phil had experiences years before he felt as if the spirit had descended upon him.  What do I make of this?

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