Recording For The Record

Recording the following predictions for the record, probably wrong on all counts, don’t bother too much with all this:

  1. Faced with a revolt, Trump will call up the Russian Army for support.  The revolt will be quelled with little effort and peace will be restored, but only through intimidation.
  2.  Trump’s real estate and financial dealings in Turkey will have major consequences and force the Turkish government to change its laws.  An Egyptian, probably a businessman, will be the plaintiff in the case.
  3. Trump’s pivot toward Israel will provoke some of his more far-right supporters to assassinate someone connected with Israel.  It will have devastating consequences for his presidency and may cause him to turn on people who once supported him.
  4. Trump will initially be given the presidency but will eventually be driven out of office.  A portion of his supporters will then prosecute a civil war; people will sell their possessions to buy weapons, food, and supplies and people deemed “enemies” by this faction will be targeted mercilessly.



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